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Children and Young People’s Plan

‘My Sefton: happy, healthy, achieving, heard’, our 2020-2025 plan for all children, young people and their families that sets out how we intend to maximise the health and wellbeing of all our children and young people living in Sefton. 

Together, we at Sefton Council, NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS Southport and Formby CCG, have agreed a series of priorities for future services and support. These priorities are based on what children, young people, their families and their carers have told us of their experiences and what we know about their current care. 

Sefton Council led on the development of an exciting partnership vision for the Borough of Sefton called Sefton 2030. When developing the vision partners worked closely with our communities, including children and young people, to understand what was important to them.

This is our single strategic and overarching plan for all services which affect children and young people across Sefton. It sets out how the Council, with its strategic partners, intends to achieve improvements. 

We have used information from our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment to inform the plan and will seek to ensure that children and young people’s needs are understood and met. This information together with what we already know about our area from previous work and conversations has informed the priorities in this document. This plan, therefore, has been written around the four themes of: •

  • Heard 
  • Happy 
  • Healthy 
  • Achieving 

We have also set out clear actions for how we will address the priorities under each theme and how we will measure the progress of these actions. While it is important to measure progress, we acknowledge there has to be a balance with how children and young people experience life and what is important to them. These priorities incorporate the seven principles for corporate parenting:

  1. To act in the best interests, and promote the physical and mental health and well-being, of those children and young people.
  2. To encourage children and young people to express their views, wishes and feelings.
  3. To consider the views, wishes and feelings of children and young people. 
  4. To help children and young people gain access to and make the best use, of services provided by the local authority. 
  5. To promote high aspirations, and seek to secure the best outcomes, for children and young people. 
  6. For children and young people to be safe, and for stability in their home lives, relationships and education or work, and
  7. To prepare children and young people for adulthood and independent living

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