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Sefton is the northern borough of Liverpool City Region with more than 273,000 residents.

Boasting 22 miles of stunning coastline, Sefton is a leading coastal tourist destination with a flourishing visitor economy. Spanning the busy Port of Liverpool, the famous Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ installation, attractive beaches and dunes, to the resort town of Southport, the diversity of the Borough provides a unique mix of urban and natural setting.

This is a diverse and exciting Borough where people can enjoy a great work-life balance. With excellent transport links, Sefton is well placed for accessing cities across the North West, including Liverpool and Manchester.

Sefton is a vibrant local authority that is already on a journey of aspiration and ambition as it works towards delivering its exciting Vision 2030. This journey is shared with our partners and communities as we strive to ensure Sefton is a confident and connected Borough.

Sefton has a strong track record of partnership working and place leadership, and for having a motivated and dedicated workforce that is resilient and adaptable, it puts the Council in the best possible place to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Core Purpose 

The Council’s role in delivering the 2030 vision.

  • Protect the most vulnerable: i.e. those people who have complex care needs with no capacity to care for themselves and no other networks to support them. For those who are the most vulnerable we will have a helping role to play, we will challenge others to ensure we all protect the most vulnerable and where we need to we will intervene to help improve lives 
  • Facilitate confident and resilient communities: the Council will be less about doing things to and for residents and communities and more about creating the capacity and motivation for people to get involved, do it for themselves and help one another. We will create an environment in which residents are less reliant on public sector support and which have well developed and effective social support 
  • Commission, broker and provide core services: the Council will directly deliver fewer services but will act as a broker and commissioner of services which meet the defined needs of communities, are person-centred and localised where possible. We will deliver services which can’t be duplicated elsewhere or where we add value. 
  • Place-leadership and influencer: making sure what we and what others do are in the best interests of Sefton and its residents and has a contributing role to the 2030 vision of the borough. This includes strong leadership and influencing partner organisations to work towards common goals and building pride in the borough. 
  • Drivers of change and reform: the Council will play a key role in leading change and reform to improve outcomes for Sefton residents and continuously improve the borough 
  • Facilitate sustainable economic prosperity: that is, people having the level of money they need to take care of themselves and their family; creating the conditions where relatively low unemployment and high income prevail, leading to high purchasing power; and having enough money to invest in infrastructure. 
  • Generate income for social reinvestment: the Council will develop a commercial nature and look to what it can do either by itself or with others to generate income and profit that can be reinvested into delivering social purpose. 
  • Cleaner and Greener: the Council will work with others to maintain Sefton’s natural beauty and ensure that its many assets provide a contribution to Sefton’s economy, peoples wellbeing and the achievement of the 2030 Vision.

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